About us

It is said that the hardest thing is when one has to describe himself. How to commend yourself, yet keep your feet on the ground? It is a valid question to think about, but this won’t be a long autobiography.

The person “hiding” behind the name of this agency is Alen Magdalenić. After years of trying to find my way, to discover what I want to do in life, L-event came as the answer I was looking for. The more jobs I tried, the more I realized I don’t want to be a person stuck in the “9 to 5” web – where people work just enough not to get fired and they are paid just enough so they don’t quit. After 3 years working within an event management agency Laris-TCB and team building agency Gral-company I realized that is the way I want to go. It was time to stand on my own two feet and so L-event saw the light of day.

After several years of collaborating together, Laris and Gral, along with L-event, joined forces and started a project by the name Team Building Hrvatska, a place where you can get everything for your event or team building.